Empowering Young Women Through The Fair & Lovely Scholarship Programme

The Fair & Lovely Scholarship Programme is an award-winning programme that supports young women in fulfilling their dreams of graduating. Targeted at female undergraduates in local universities, the Fair & Lovely Scholarship was launched in 2016 and Impact Communications has been working closely with Unilever since the award programme’s inception to reach the right group via print, digital and social media.

With many scholarship programs in the market, we had to rise above the clutter and ensure the programme received its share of voice and positioned the Fair & Lovely brand as a brand championing young women’s aspirations. Impact Communications developed fresh and newsworthy angles that were communicated on print, digital and social media within the month of the campaign launch to create strong awareness among young female undergraduates.

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“Public relations specialists make flower arrangements of the facts, placing them so the wilted and less attractive petals are hidden by sturdy blooms.”


The Results

Besides the strong PR value delivered, the number of entries also saw an increase. For 2016, Fair & Lovely received more than 4,000 complete entries, while in 2017 the numbers increased to 5,191 entries. To ensure the message was getting to the right audience ie. female undergrads, Impact researched and found strong social media influencers who were still in universities to help promote the scholarship programme. Impact created the content, suggested photos, captions and videos for the influencers to post. Engagement was high with the number of likes, views and shares.


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