Impact Communications is specialised in influencer marketing and content production for the world of social media. Our strength is curating a group of influencers to suit your brand image and campaign needs. The influencers we work with are able to create that much needed buzz for your brand and campaign…with the right content, of course. We have worked with clients to develop communications strategies and creative content to create impact in the digital community.

Influencer marketing via Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or blogs when done right can become viral and help the campaign achieve organic spread that contributes significantly to the success of campaign.

We work with clients in fashion, beauty, food, mom & baby, home décor, electrical goods, special events, festivals, property, and finance.Our view is that influencer marketing doesn’t always have to involve influencers with millions of followers. We favour a combination approach of super influencers to micro influencers to ensure your digital campaign ticks all the boxes when it comes to reach, relevancy, credibility and believability.

Digital Campaign

Our first step once we get your campaign brief is to develop the overall communication concept and determine the type of stories we want the tell and reactions we hope to garner. We will determine the influencer talent that is most suited to the influencer marketing campaign for your brand. Once you are comfortable with the suggested talents or social media influencer mix, the campaign content comes next. We will take care of the step-by-step to ensure the active and timely participation of the influencers. We will manage all their posting content to ensure your brand / campaign is visible.

How We Do It?

Kick Start Meeting

This first meeting is to explore and learn about your brand and your desired outcomes including the target market you are trying to reach. Most influencer marketing campaigns are targeted to bring about awareness, educate, establish a consumer base or build the brand. We can do this in many ways including content seeding, showcasing product usage, positive reviews, pre-selling brand prior to launch, coverage during launch especially of the launch event itself, post-launch sustenance to capture prolonged attention.

Develop Strategy and Pick the Best Influencers

With the knowledge you share with us, we will develop the best influencer marketing strategy and the right mix of influencers to communicate the content. We can reach out to influencers within Kuala Lumpur / Selangor or nationwide even as far as East Malaysia with the right number of followers, interests and great engagement rate.

Content Creation

Creating the right messaging, language, image, photos is key at this stage of influencer marketing to give the perfect push your brand requires. This is tailored to suit the type of medium we are using be it Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. We set the right KPIs to help you reach your objectives.


We take the worry out of your head as the experienced team will brief, vet through content prior to postings to ensure all communications are in line with the agreed expectations. We monitor closely the response, engagement and reactions and update client regularly.


Now, it’s your turn to stand out. Have a campaign, product launch or event you need help with? DROP US A LINE. #makeanimpact