Breeze: Water Treatment Campaign by Breeze Malaysia and Global Peace Foundation

Breeze Malaysia, a brand under Unilever, strongly supports that water is a fundamental need for every human being. As part of Unilever’s commitment to sustainable living, Breeze Malaysia wanted to provide access to clean water to communities that have little or no access to water. Through the Water Treatment Campaign, Impact researched and shortlisted NGOs that Breeze could work with.

The Global Peace Foundation was chosen and Breeze worked in partnership with the NGO to provide access to clean water to 1,050 villagers in Sabah. Impact managed/monitored the program until its execution.

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The Results

Through the Water Treatment Campaign, Breeze Malaysia successfully raised RM50,000 in contributions and donated 23 water filtrations systems . The happy faces of the villagers was reward enough the Breeze brand team!


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